Farm to Families

Seasonally, The Leaven conducts a neighborhood Health Program in partnership with Kaiser Permanente. Other community organizations that collaborate in this effort include City of Fairfield, Solano Coalition for Better Health, Solano Public Health and Nutrition, BabyFirst Solano and First5.

The Health Program focuses on:

Promoting Health and Wellness to Families

Community partners provide health resources and materials to educate families on healthy choices (e.g. health insurance, nutrition, stress management, coping, financial, mental health, safety, dental heath and workforce development).

Providing Affordable Fresh Produce

A farmer’s market provides fresh, local produce at affordable prices. Residents can double their buying power with buy-one-get-one-free incentives. Additionally families are taught nutritious and delicious ways to prepare the fresh produce and encouraged to make healthy eating a focus.

Administering Health Screenings

Families have access to health screenings, such as blood pressure checks and body fat screenings. Additional health and dental services will be added this year. An “Ask the Doctor” center allows families to ask questions of a Kaiser Permanente Pediatrician or Physician about general health topics.

Providing Educational Activities about Healthy Living

Interactive health education games for both children and adults to enjoy. Families can also participate in live cooking demonstrations showing how healthy meals can be prepared on a limited budget.

Equipping Families through Health Workshops

In addition to the monthly Farm to Families night, families will also have the opportunity to participate in bi-weekly on-site activities such as health talks, cooking classes, educational development, workforce development, life skills education and parenting classes.