What We Do

What is The Leaven?

The Leaven works in partnership with members of the local community; including businesses, police and fire departments, local government, school administrators and teachers, church groups and concerned neighbors to bring after-school mentoring and tutoring programs as a revitalization tool to struggling neighborhoods where drop-out rates are out of control and gangs threaten the peace of the community. We believe in living out our Christian faith through after-school programs, community activities, family support and nurturing to our neighbors.

But we’re more than a
neighborhood tutoring center!

With the support of the entire community we bring hope and proven success through early education intervention — and inspire neighborhoods to rise up and take on their challenges together.

We stress education as the foundation for solving many of the most pressing issues that Americans face today. By empowering struggling students, these children are able to not only thrive in school, but in life.

Students who are successful in school are less likely to drop out of school, join gangs or commit crimes. With a strong educational base, these students are more likely to go on to college and lead a better life.

Responding to the biblical call from God to his followers to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him (Micah 6:8), The Leaven staff and volunteers perform acts of kindness and provide help to those in need. The Leaven is an important part of the communities we serve and partner with, including local church communities. These churches often invite our students, their families and neighbors to participate in their opportunities (such as Christmas and Easter programs and Vacation Bible School) to learn more about God and His love for us all. However, we do not require students to attend any church or religious event to attend the Leaven and benefit from our tutoring and mentoring programs.

Because The Leaven is hands-on in a community, we get to know children - and their families. Strong relationships with the adults empower them to "take back" their neighborhoods and become more active in community watch and revitalization. The end result? Fewer calls for police intervention and safer, more livable communities for all!

Want to Get Involved?

Volunteer at one of our locations. Come experience the tremendous joy of giving our students skills to excel.

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Sponsor a child through a monthly gift to The Leaven, or support our work on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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Support us by designating your employee United Way giving to The Leaven.

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Volunteer for an event committee or another fundraising activity.

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Impacting Youth

Tutoring a child can help him or her thrive in school. But add in mentoring, and that student can thrive in life, as well! The Leaven gives at-risk students opportunities for success every day.
Students lose months of educational progress over the summer vacation period. To confront this issue head-on, we offer our “Summer Success” program. Summer Success focuses on reading daily, helping students maintain and improve the skills they learned during the school year, all summer long. This program also offers our students unique learning experiences such as: field trips; and visits from the Fire Department, the Police Department, the Military.

Community Outreach

The Leaven Gives Back

The Leaven Gives Back is an innovative program that teaches children that helping others makes a difference — and is fun, too! Through food drives for the hungry, painting and planting flowers to spruce up the community, making valentines for America's service men and women, bringing music to shut-ins and many other acts of service, Leaven students learn that you're never too needy to help another person!