All too often, summer break means that students will lose months of progress.

To confront this issue head-on, we offer our Summer Success program.

What is Summer Success?

Summer Success is The Leaven's answer to the summer slide—the tendency for students' learning to slide during the summer break.

During the summer, we focus on reading daily, helping students maintain and improve the skills they learned during the school year. In addition, students participate in unique and life-changing learning opportunities! Some of these opportunities include:

  • Visits from the Police Department
  • Visits from the Fire Department
  • Lessons from military members at the Travis Air Force Base
  • Field trips to the museum
  • Partnership with the local church, giving children the opportunity to learn about God

Summer Success is so important because it is proven to reduce the number of children whose reading skills slip during the summer break.

Will you provide life-changing summer programs to our communities' most at-risk children?

Our Recipe for Success

Daily Reading
Partnership with the Local Church
Unique Learning Opportunities

About The Leaven

Since 2008, The Leaven has provided tutoring and mentoring to some of California's most at-risk neighborhoods. We are an in-community resource for children and their families, bringing proven programs that improve education, impact communities, and change lives.

The Leaven centers operate directly in low-income housing complexes, giving children the help they need excel in school before problems occur. Our focus is in communities struggling with high poverty rates, high crime rates, and high drop-out rates among youth.

The Leaven centers act primarily as after-school mentoring and tutoring centers, but they are so much more than that! We work in partnership with members of the local community including: businesses, law enforcement, fire departments, local government, teachers, and church groups, in order to inspire each community to take on their challenges together.