You help The Leaven provide after-school programs, tutoring, and special activities.

Your sponsored child receives extra help to succeed in school, plus activities and snacks to help them develop healthier habits. The community receives services that make it a better and safer place to live.

You receive our newsletter plus updates on the center where your sponsored child is receiving hands-on help.

Sponsorship FAQ

What does it mean to “Sponsor a Child”?

Sponsoring a child is more than giving a donation. It is taking the first step in changing a child’s life. Through our network of friends and partners, we are able to furnish and staff each of our centers, but it is through your child sponsorship gift that we are able to open the doors of possibility to our students. Sponsors make it possible for students to receive additional enrichment programs and added benefits that give them life experiences than help them make positive choices for the future.

What does my money provide?

Additional Tutoring

When a  child needs more assistance to catch up to his peers, your sponsorship dollars help us provide them with extra hours of tutoring to help them succeed.

Healthy Snacks

It’s hard to study on an empty stomach! Each day you will provide a student with a healthy snack to keep his or her mind focused while doing homework.

Life Skills Classes

Not every lesson is taught in the classroom. Life skills classes help us teach students the skills for living a happy, healthy life.

Field Trips

By exploring God’s creation, we are able to open our student’s minds and hearts to the opportunities that await them.

Why sponsor a child?

By participating in The Leaven’s sponsorship program, you are providing benefits to a child right in your area! You will directly impact a student’s life through your generosity. You are always welcomed to visit one of our centers and see your investment in action in the lives of the children and in the community they call home.

All child sponsors receive our newsletter, as well as a special report about the center that your child attends so you stay up-to-date with what your Leaven child is doing. We also encourage you to volunteer for a day or a school year at any of our centers so you can meet the children and experience the impact your generosity makes.