Financial Stewardship

When you donate to The Leaven, we make three commitments to you.

  1. We will use your donation to do the most good possible and benefit boys and girls with great needs.
  2. We will maintain high standards of accountability and be transparent about our finances.
  3. We will share our Leaven story with current and potential donors in cost-effective ways that maximize our investment.

We know the dollars you give to The Leaven can make a big difference for the children in our programs. As a grassroots organization that works hands-on in both Northern and Southern California, we continuously monitor our programs to ensure they are achieving the goals we expect — including to constantly exceed expectations and “raise the bar” on how we define success.

Our board of directors regularly reviews our expenses and program progress, and together with our staff, they are committed to stretch every dollar so we can make a real impact on the lives of children.

Each year, approximately 75 cents of every dollar given goes directly to programs that benefit our Leaven students. In addition, thousands of hours of volunteer time are invested in the lives of boys and girls, helping them build a brighter future.